About us


  • ELITE DENTAL LABORATORY is a full-service dental lab, with services that range from aesthetic restorations, implant prosthetics to ceramic crowns/bridges.
  • For over 20 years, ELITE DENTAL LABORATORY committed to two basic principals: quality and customer satisfaction. Every case is personally inspected to ensure that it conforms to the ELITE standards of exceptional quality. Our reputation as a high-quality dental laboratory has earned us the trust of many top dental professionals throughout the region.
  • The main goal of ELITE DENTAL LABORATORY is restoring your patient’s beautiful, natural-looking smiles with the benefits of today’s best technology. We use the latest in digital technology to scan and mill dental restoration for superior fit, natural aesthetics and high-quality products. ELITE DENTAL LABORATORY has maintained its focus on providing solutions for your successful practice.
  • Our restorations are fabricated at our facility in Maryland, USA and we only use FDA approved materials from start to finish for your patient’s safety and patient’s restoration.