Digital Technology


We offer custom systems that can help you create all-ceramic restorations, from the initial design to actual milling, shading and custom-staining. We specialize in custom crowns, custom implant abutments and bridges. Keeping up with the latest in CAD/CAM technology helps us create and deliver your all-ceramic restorations in no time. ELITE Dental Lab is your BruxZir certified laboratory. We have 3Shape technology which is top of the line amongst digital dental technologies.

For our PFM restorations, we also partner with the leader in dental technology, the German company, BEGO. Using their advanced selective laser melting technology (SLM), enables us to produce the highest quality restorations that require metal substructure. This technology allows us to free our PFMs from nickel (Ni) and Beryllium (Be) which could cause allergy reactions and harmful irritation of the gum to many patients.

You can see this amazing technology in action in the video.